Intermittently no audio via eARC


I’m trying use my Vero 4K in an eARC setup (a Sony AF9 TV and a Denon 3500 receiver). Ie the Vero is connected directly to the TV, which is in turn connected to the receiver via eARC.

I’m happy to report it can work - I have watched several movies with the full lossless audio tracks (Atmos and DTS-X) coming through to my receiver, via the TVs eARC connection, from the Vero.

However, nearly every time I start it up, there is no audio. Invariably rebooting the Vero fixes this.

I appreciate eARC is very new technology but I am sure the issue is with the Vero - it is is always fixed by a Vero reboot and two other devices (including an Apple TV 4K) never have this issue over the same eARC connection.

Any thoughts on what’s wrong? It might be worth noting I run the Vero though a Lindy HDMI CEC less adapter - it has always caused issues using two different Denon AVRs and this is the only way to avoid problems.

I have no idea about eARC but why not connect the vero directly to the the the AVR? (just a thought)

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Hi - it’s a fairly long and boring story to do with lip sync problems between my AVR and TV. Currently, the best way to have correct lip sync is to run everything via the TVs ARC connection.

Regardless of the reasoning though this should work… and nearly does…

I don’t use ARC or eARC on my setup but all my AVR woes were cured by enabling “keep audio device alive” in the Vero’s audio settings, might be worth a try until someone knowledgeable about it comes along.

Thank you, that’s a great idea. Will try. I’ve just realised I didn’t have the Vero set to suspend - ie it was on all the time presumably triggering the audio device sleeping.

A quick off topic question- when you say AVR woes I don’t suppose this helped with CEC too? The Vero has always messed up CEC in my system (hence the Lindy adapter)

I’ve not really had any CEC woes but I only have mine set up so that my TV remote works with my various media devices not to switch between devices or turn off or on anything.

Going off topic again I’m a bit disappointed/concerned your Denon 3500 AVR has lip synch problems as that is the AVR I’d decided to upgrade to,
would you say this is down to the Lindy adapter you’re using or something inherent in the Denon amp?

Thanks for confirming. My CEC issues have been that the Vero causes the entire CEC system to fail so even when not using the Vero CEC does not work on other devices too.

I wouldn’t worry about lip sync with the Denon 3500 - it’s a great receiver. It’s a very specific issue which might relate to my specific TV. When using the TVs ARC audio lip sync is only correct when Auto lip sync is enabled on the TV and disabled on the Denon. The problem though is that this is a system wide setting for the Denon meaning any device not connected via the TVs eARC does not have auto lip sync applied. If I didn’t care about the TVs ARC audio I would enable auto lip sync on the Denon and connect everything directly to it, and things would be fine. Also, Sony and Denon are aware of the issue so hopefully will fix it (other owners have found the same). I used to have a different Sony TV and the Denon 2400 and that did not have this issue; I think it’s been introduced with eARC which is brand new.

Hope that might put your mind at ease somewhat - it’s a great piece of kit!

Btw thanks again for keep audio device alive tip. Does not 100% fix things, but it happens less frequently now.

Just to confirm that unfortunately keeping audio device alive does not fix this.

Audio frequently completely fails over (e)ARC until the Vero is rebooted. It’s getting quite tiresome tbh.

Is there a way I can formally report this as an issue. Eg submit logs?

Does setting a delay to 125ms fix your lip sync issue?

Try enabling HPD Lock. Your TV probably deasserts and this may cause loss of audio

Same thing here. Complete disabling CEC (via CEC plugin settings) fixed this issue.

It’s not TV-related, it’s Vero-related. Absolutely same bug with LG C8.

Can you post a log when you have no audio?
Did you try the HPD Lock option?

Hi - I enabled HPD Lock but haven’t had a chance to test. It happens intermittently.

Just now I turned on, started a movie, and no audio. However, by the time I went to get the logs audio had kicked in. So I need more time to see if HPD Lock has fixed it. Nevertheless here are the logs from just now:

Thanks a lot for sharing. I will try the disabling the CEC plugin. As mentioned I have it connected via a CEC less adapter, but I guess the CEC plugin might still be causing a problem internal to the Vero.

@sam_nazarko here is a log taken when no audio:

Just noticed that by sharing the log link here, I’ve put one of my user account passwords online, because it is in my fstab to load a Samba share :-/

In future, is there a way to give you logs privately?


Suggest to use credential file for that in the future.

You just can sent the URL as PM then it’s private


Sorry to sidetrack your thread but as you own one can you confirm that the Denon 3500 has separate colour settings for each individual input?
the website seems to indicate it does but I’d rather get the correct answer from someone who owns one.

No problem but I don’t think I understand the question. The “Enchanced” HDMI setting (required for Dolby vision etc) is a system wide setting if that helps.