International shipping incident - OSMC

On 11th January Royal Mail announced that they had suffered from a cyber incident that has prevented them from exporting goods outside of the UK.

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Are Vero 4k+ in stock? The site still says out of stock and back in stock on Thursday, 14th January

Not sure where you read that. The Vero remains out of stock.

We hope to have some limited stock from next week.

Here Vero 4K + is out of stock – OSMC

Yeah on the shop when you go onto vero and then click to buy it takes you to the page @thansen_dk just posted. And based on your post here

resumed shipping international parcels such as Vero 4K +

I thought you may be shipping some internationally and therefore have some in stock - perhaps a backlog?

I also notice the “osmcstore” (official I assume) eBay store is selling some “OSMC Vero 4K + streaming box (2018 model)” - is the “2018” model an older model or is this the latest?

Couldn’t see a osmcstore but there is a osmcshop selling from the uk

Sorry – thanks for clarifying.

I’ve updated the date with the worst possible timeframe.

I will email those subscribed to the newsletter when the next batch is in. This should be next week, but it’s a small batch and I think it will go fast.



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