Internet Archive and other script failures

Hi there, pretty sure this must be an FAQ and I apologise if that’s the case, but I’m sure I am not the only person who’s curious about this.

I was especially interested in using OSMC to view Internet Archive movies via the Raspberry Pi on my TV but the script fails every time I try to access it.

It shouldn’t be geoblocked as Internet Archive is a freely available Public Domain source of content with no regional copyright boundaries. So what’s up with that?

Anyone else had the same issue and if so did you resolve it? The issue of script failures is impairing my OSMC experience so it would be a good thing to find a way to resolve them. Obviously the developer of OSMC has no control over people who make Add-Ons, so this is an Add-On question rather than a OSMC one per se.

Thanks people, any help you can spare would be welcome.

A quick google search turned up the Kodi support forum thread for this addon:

You’re probably best to ask for help there, because unless someone here has used this addon (I’ve never heard of it before) chances of finding a solution here aren’t high.

Most Kodi addons have a specific support thread over at the forums in this category:

That would be the first place I’d generally look for any addon specific problems. Nine times out of ten addon problems are due to bugs or problems in the addon itself and not a Kodi or underlying OS issue.

PS just reading that thread it appears others are having problems with the same addon since Kodi 14.2 on other platforms as well, like OpenElec.

Thank you for your comments, DBMandrake. I will follow the threads you suggest.

Internet Archive is part of the OSMC repository that ships with the install, or at least the one I have. Sorry I don’t know if it’s actually on the install or is loaded in from somewhere else. I’m new to this.



Internet Archive is part of the Kodi addon repository you mean.

OSMC is a (somewhat) customised version of Kodi coupled together with an underlying Linux Operating system to make a complete Mediacenter. So whatever addons exist in the official Kodi addon repository will naturally be available in OSMC.

By the way it looks like that addon has not been updated since 2013 according to that discussion thread and also looking at the Git repository. So it would appear to be somewhat “abandoned” even though it might be in the official Kodi repository.

Ah I see, okay that makes sense.

Shame about the add-on but I guess that’s the downside of open source, anyone can and will develop add-ons so anyone can and sometimes does lose interest in keeping them updated.

A fair amount of the basic add-ons script fail now I come to be looking through them. Is there a way to search for more add-ons? I see a lot of screen shots of OSMC and Kodi with rows of great movies looking like some kind of netflix or something. Where do those add-ons come from?

thanks again for the help