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Great work on osmc btw.


So… since OSMC is based on Debian Jessie (i think i have that right), can we not load a browser using apt-get? Perhaps Epiphany?

I’m in the middle of installing:
sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

I’ll post another reply after it’s finished (reporting 44 minutes to go)


That’s going to require X11 and not be accelerated.


Well Sam, it indeed did not work, but i’m not sure i get the connection between X11 and the error message that i get. But let’s skip to the crux of the issue; I’m attempting to get TVheadend up and going, but i need to configure using a browser. So, unless i get a browser installed, i think i’m hosed. Any other suggestions? Will epiphany work if i install X11 packages?


Use a browser on the LAN


so connect to the server from remote machine, running a browser of choice, using the server address to include the RPi… brilliant

edit: so turns out this is outlined on the kodi wiki page;

Thanks Sam and team for all you guys are doing!

Web browser addon?

As a temporary solution (until we have the official one), I compiled the Qt5 example browser.
You can then run it in the framebuffer. You can event create a launcher from kodi with advanced launcher.
It works pretty well but is not harware accelerated.

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Can I install a web browser now and if so how as now we are on RC2?


i figured out how to access the console to install stuff:

exit OSMC and hit ESC really fast before it restarts. There I can login as user osmc, pass osmc and enter

sudo su

Can you please write a small manual guide how a newbie could achieve this? Which commands do I have to enter on the console?


Just to be clear, a newbie should not do it… You will have to install packet, and this will possibly (likely) break your OSMC install.

If you want to try anyway, you can start by trying with arora (a qt browser). For some reason, it is limited in size and is slow.

install arora

sudo apt-get install arora


arora -platform “linuxfb” -plugin EvdevMouse -plugin “EvdevKeyboard:grab=1” -

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OSMC announces development of its official browser Ocelot at This will be hardware accelerated on all platforms.



This is really great news !


On the Raspberry pi 2, will a remote control function with the new Ocelot browser without a mouse or keyboard? Will Ocelot support Netflix?


Ocelot will use a unified input layer.

No news on Netflix.


Im wondering: will Ocelot be a png based browser?


How is the current status of the development?
Do you need a helping hand?


I have parked the web browser for now for technical reasons and due to a lack of time. I will revisit it when we are back on track.



unbelievable. this is like the most wanted feature of all users…and you just park it?




OSMC is an open source project and it runs on time. Unfortunately, I have to associate priorities to the roadmap and am always short of time. My priorities are currently focused on hardware expansion and adapting our build system to be friendlier with upstream (Debian).

You do – but I also need people to work with me on this from a development perspective. I’d rather let it drag, and get things 100% right, than hear it works but doesn’t do something quite right and end up having to redevelop it again anyway.

Thanks for your understanding – I assure you, I want OSMC to have a web browser just as much as you do



For me this is at least as important as a browser. So patience, patience! :+1: