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Think there are for more pressing issues then a browser im sure Sam will tell you all when the time is right … until then just wait no point in dropping “is it done soon” or “is it ready yet” cause the most likely answer will be NO.

And if there are so many inclined users that wants a broswer step up and submit patches or fork the branch and helpout on development.

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i have just put together a raspberry pi 2 and am using osmc as the operating system. would like to install an internet browser. can someone tell me how to use this and then how to use unblockus vpn with this. thank you

Would have been great if you would have used the fabulous search function this forum offers instead of opening a new thread

Is there any news on the browser? If it’s not ready yet is there a beta build or a workaround while waiting?


Hi All!

I would like to ask the community what are the requeriments to work in the project of Ocelot. Im a web developer student and i would like to help retake the beta version. Any news or some information?


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Hi there!
Is there any news on this issue? Any roadmap available for browser integration?


Try this. I’m using it chromium works great.

Any update in this issue?

No Update yet. I`m waiting for this.

You can install this lxde desktop and run chromium on it. works great

still nothing?

The best alternative is just above your post.

In case any one missed it, /u/the_bo posted a viable solution on to “how to install a web browser with OSMC”. I haven’t tested it, but it seems legit.

I will also point out that there are very easy mechanical ways to solve the “How to Install a browser in / on OSMC” problem. I’m on a Raspberry Pi 3. You can just swap out the OSMC micro SD card to a Raspbian card and reboot when you need a browser. I know… this is an extremely inelegant solution, but it does bring me back to the days of cartridge consoles. This is not my solution.

Another solution, if you feel like geeking out, which I do not at the moment, is as follows. Feel free:

My solution for now… somewhat inelegant but close enough for me… is… to buy a second RaspberryPi and keep OSMC on one and Raspbian on another with a remote control HDMI switch.

So now I have 2 RaspberryPi’s, 2 Bluetooth Keyboard/Track-Pads (need two sets for the two dongles, one for each PI. Only one Keyboard/Track-Pad is needed to operate the two RaspberryPi system), and an HDMI switch remote control. Good enough for me. An added bonus to the remote control HDMI switch is that DVD players and other media sources can be easily connected to the screen. To be environmentally conscious, the whole thing - RaspberryPis, DVD players, HDMI Switch and so forth, can be kept on a power switch to avoid draining electricity.

Eventually, I suppose I will migrate the whole thing to an Android phone - please let us know the best way to do this if you do the same.

To all the people complaining about “still nothing?” and what not, you do realize that the author of this software didn’t have any obligation to make it available open-source for free, right? I mean, the author could have written it and used it for the author’s own use, and maybe some close friends, and you would have never known it even existed. So… if there is anyone that wants a browser in OSMC and wants to talk cash, just post your cash number here and we can all laugh at how few digits you had in mind.



Well if you want to do that you actually can use a NOOBS install than you can switch between raspbian and OSMC without card change

Nah, that’s only for geeking out

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Ah, OK, thank you! I gave myself two hours to figure this all out and I’m on hour… oh, never mind. Thank you!


noob for life

Yeah, yeah, some hours later I have the answer. Thank you! So much for me not geeking out. My back is in pain and I have arthritis, but this media system is going up tonight hell or high water. Thanks again, I only have one Raspberry Pi. The best way to get the correct answer on the Internet is to post the wrong answer! :slight_smile:

Any progress?

It’s quite clear there is no progress as there is no update posted on the thread.

Depending what you need it for you can follow this thread:

but that isn’t available from within kodi.