Internet dropping since new update


Since the Easter update, I keep losing my internet connection after a brief period of time.

Everytime I reboot my internet is restored for a brief period of time (about 5 minutes). Afterward, it cuts out again and requires another reboot (but again, only stays connected briefly).

I believe this may have something to do with my Vero4k or OSMC, as it’s been happening since the update.

I dont know how to sudo or ssh (apologies in advance for my limited expertise).

Any help or suggestions is appreciated to resolve my issue.

All the best,


Hi NC,

Can’t think of anything that would’ve changed to cause that. We haven’t had such reports but there’s a first for everything.

Does disconnecting the Vero solve the issue

Only thing I could think of would be an IP conflict. Can you reboot the router / modem?


Thanks Sam,

Issue seems to have resolved itself. Must have been IP related as you say.