Internet Not Connected

I’ve installed Alpha 4 over NFS Share. The install goes fine.
I can see and connect to all shares in my home network. However I can’t connect to the internet.
The System Info Network Status shows “Not Connected. Check Network Settings”

I’m getting an ip address, subnet, and gateway. all correct.

I’m a little confused. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi timmy,

That’s an odd situation. Can you get us some information to help diagnose this? If you can SSH in


if that works:


As well as the contents of /boot/cmdline.txt:

cat /boot/cmdline.txt


Thanks for the reply Sam,

Ping is fine:

64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=59 time=38.609 ms

Ping Google not so much:

osmc@osmc:~$ ping
ping: unknown host

Here is my cmdline.txt

root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= ip=dhcp rootwait quiet osmcdev=rbposmc@osmc:~$

This is happening on all 3 of my Pi’s. I’ve assumed it was an issue with the Alpha releases, and if it still is I’m happy to wait. But it seems like such an odd issue.

Thanks as always for everything you do sir!

Looks like DNS resolution is not working for you then, which is what I suspected. Perhaps your DHCP server is not issuing a DNS server (odd, but plausible).

I’d suggest doing a fresh install and setting up manual networking (where you specify a static IP, the subnet mask and DNS servers manually). This will work for NFS, and I bet this will resolve your DNS problems too.

Set primary DNS to your router’s IP address and secondary DNS to


Thanks Sam,
Finally got some time to try this and it seems to have worked. Strange but all good. You da man!!