Interrupted Video playback on vero 4K

on my vero4k most videos plays without problems but with some videofiles (mostly bluerays) i find reproducible problems. The symptoms are interrupted playback (with buffering … at the sceen) and passages without audio and at the wrong speed.
The video source is a smb mount on my nas, all networkwork stuff is 1000MBit and the nas is capable of servering files at line rate. My first try was an Anker USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter to bypass the limits of the buildin ethernet adapter but the results dont get better.

Additional infos:

Are you accessing the SMB mounts from Kodi or fstab?


I use the smb mount from Kodi (settings => filemanager …)

See File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device

You may benefit from an OS mount

Thanks for your help
first test with fstab mount looks good, hopefully the problem is solved.

Is your Vero 4k the older version and not the + version? You could always use a gigabit usb adapter, costs around 10 euro/dollar/pound and delievers 320mbits/s which is quite a huge upgrade… I am using one for nearly a year and I never had any stutters again playing high bitrate 4k stuff or uncompressed blurays rips.

I can play 4K and Bluray rips (created with MakeMKV, no compression added) just on my V4K (not a + model) just fine. I’ve always thought that people with playback problems have server or network issues as 100M should be more than enough to play almost any currently available content. (Or they have bad rips)


I have a classic Vero 4k(without +), all test are executed with an external usb3 to ethernet adapter.
After some more test it seems to me that with fstab mounts all playbacks are good (no difference between smb and nfs). But with all kodi configured networking the problems recur.
With emby for kodi integration i have the same experience(problems with http stream, but with shared networkfolder as fstab mount everything is ok).
So what is the technical difference between Kodi mounts and fstab mounts?

The OS (fstab) mounts support read-ahead, which means you’re less likely to get buffering when the bitrate spikes.

With the 4K + the need to do this is somewhat negated.