Inteset INT-422 IR Remote - Best Program Code

Hi, I recently purchased a Vero 4K and love it. I want to share some information on how to properlly get a Inteset INT-422 IR remote working with Vero 4K.

I purchased a INT-422 Remote to use, as it has many more buttons that can be programmed than the included remote.

The remote requires a device code, which can be found here: Inteset Universal Remote Control Device Code Lookup

I had selected the remote ‘rc6-mce-lirc’ from My OSMC > Remotes . When setting it up I kept getting double button presses when using the recommended device setup codes from Inteset. Disable RC6 option under My OSMC ‘Remotes’ did not help.

However I later found out that even though the remote is version Int-422-3, the best code to use was actually the code from Int-422-2. Use device setup code ‘01272’ found under Int-422-2 > GameConsole-Streamer-Computer > Windows Media Center. Once I used that obsolete device code for the remote setup everything worked properly, no double presses.
Edit: The code can also be found under Int-422-3 > IReTV > Media Center. I found it difficult to find at first.

I hope this helps out others, as this is a fantastic remote to use with Vero 4K. I could not find any topics discussing this popular IR remote and it’s setup.

It is recommended to also get the Kodi addon ‘Keymap Editor’ to fine tune any of the extra buttons on the remote.

Thanks for making such a great Kodi OS and hardware to support it! I have used XBMC/Kodi since the XBMP days on Xbox. This hardware kit is a great simple way to get my parents to use it as well! Reliable and easy to use and access. Cheers!

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Nice work, I’m sure someone will find this information very helpful.