Introducing the new Vero 2

Hi Sam,

…fast Ethernet- or Gigabit-LAN?


what’s the power usage of the device, say when idle and when under full load?

My question: if H265 is hw accelerated, can it be used from a plex server configured on the Vero ? I actually use Vero 1 as plex media server (and other stuff) connected to my LAN and I play video with the Plex App on new AppleTV. If Plex Server could use Vero 2 HW decoding to stream it to the app this is wonderfull and I will update my Vero 1 to the new model. What about this ?
I think this could be very interesting for all “Apple users” that need/want use AppleTV for others stuff (Apple Music, Photo Cloud, Netflix, games and other app ) but appreciate your work and the “server” features of Vero.

Adding a good external Disk and some software conf I use Vero also as Network share, torrent, web server and so on…

Already pre-ordered mine a while ago. As the end of January is only 4 days way now, I was wondering if there is any news on the release date? I’ve not had any emails about it.


In short: no news is good news. We haven’t posted anything as there’s been no change to schedule.

At this rate, it’s looking like 31st to ship. Will advise if things change.


Vero 2 will accelerate H265 decoding, but not encoding. I don’t think Plex will have the appropriate plumbing to utilise Vero 2’s H264 encoding capabilities, so that will fall back to CPU.


The Vero 2 is a good looking device and the specs are great, but I’m having difficulty understanding why this is significantly better than OSMC on my Pi2, which plays everything I throw at it, but can’t do Netflix or Amazon Video. If someone can state unequivocally (not “well, in theory if you install X”) that Vero 2 does an amazing job of playing both Netflix and Amazon in 1080p, I will order it today!

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It depends on your uses

Some key features:

  • Run Android apps
  • HEVC (H265) 1080p decoding
  • Screen mirroring
  • The OSMC Cloud
  • Long term support

And a few more other features. But the Pi 2 will suffice for some just fine


Are we closer to a despatch date? Pre ordered early January with excitement to replace my pi :slight_smile:

so no statement possible regarding power consumption of the Vero?

Missed that. My bad.

2A full load, unless powering external hard disks.

About 0.3A standby. Working on a ‘near off’ strategy. Now we accept remote signals via USB, it’s a fair bit easier.


No news appears to be…no news. Are we waiting for the launch of Jarvis or something?

Looks very similar to when original vero was introduced, no communication to people who spent money on promises.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate they want to make the product as close to perfect as possible and avoid early problems, I am willing to wait… But original promise was mid January, then end of January. On 30th it was we are still on track, that post saying there will be update to blog soon how to track packages. Nothing new for couple of days.
At least some “Hang on there, we did not forget about you, we are working on it” would be nice.

We haven’t forgotten.

Working as hard as possible to prepare shipments rather than keep posting that it is very close

There was an entire blog dedicated to the development of the original Vero, as the ETA was longer than the successor.


Sam, another satisfied customer here. I would much rather a solid product with the smallest number of bugs possible given the timeframe. Please take your time with the Vero 2, but also don’t forget to keep the lines of communication open.

It would be nice to have at minimum, a weekly update… even if it’s just a one liner on where you are at.

A weekly update would be great for those with preOrders. As kyub suggests - even if it’s just a one liner on where you are at.


I have been posting in the Vero 2 delivery thread and gave some deadlines for when orders would ship.

We are about 40% shipped now. Hoping to be caught up by 19th.


Damn, seems like you don’t ship alphabetically by countryname :pensive:
PS: Plz don’t ship mine to Australia instead of Austria :grinning:

We do it first-come-first-served, within reason.

I.e. we package a set amount for EU, US, UK, AU/NZ plug types then ship the first ordered in each category.