Vero 2 delivery

Hi. I pre-ordered the Vero 2 late December,early January. It states it will be sent out mid January and I’ve yet to receive it. I haven’t had any updates to let me know what’s happening with my order, so an update to let me know the shipping date would be much appreciated.


We are still on target to begin shipping by the end of January (i.e this week)

You will be kept informed if anything changes


Thanks for the update.

Hi, we still on target to post vero 2 by tomorrow?

There is no Sunday post here in the UK unfortunately but I hope to begin packaging tomorrow for an early Monday release.

I need to resolve a U-Boot issue. There is nothing show-stopper, but some quick bootloader changes that need to be made to improve the Android experience.


No worries. Would prefer to wait if it means getting a more stable experience. Thanks for getting back to me.

That’s exactly it. Want to make sure everything works well, rather than just works ;). If that adds a day to the shipping, I’m not sure many will mind.


I really don’t want to be that annoying person to ask about the shipping status but since I put my hummingboard setup on hold due to recent errors and problems I’m in need of a good htpc.
Can you tell us when it’ll ship?

Not a bother at all, I understand.

We had a couple of slight delays but things are getting back on track. I will put a blog post up shortly with some information about how to track your order and when you’ll likely receive them.



:tada: :+1:

Any news?

Wait for it…


I have been but still no joy. Some updates would be appreciated.

Sure, what would you like to know? We are still preparing to ship and will let you know as soon as that occurs

Will we be receiving it this week?

Same question here. I do not want to put too much pressure, but I will be quite happy with some indications about expected shipping date.


We initially had some issues with our power supplies, but this has been resolved, and we have verified, good ones to ship to customers.

We are now fixing a very odd issue with SystemD that can cause the boot process to hang. We will post some news when we have it.

After this, we will be able to begin packaging very quickly and get orders out in a reasonable timeframe. We just need to resolve this bug first.

Thanks for your patience

Thank you for the detailed answer !

I would like to add a bluetooth dongle to my order. Is this still possible ?
How could I do it ?

Thank you.

Does this occur after command systemctl reboot?
I have this issue on hummingboard, it seems to reboot but then shows some boot info in big, unscaled letters on the screen and everything freezes. Strange thing is the reboot sometimes works, sometimes not.
If thats the bug you’re talking about, I would say “leave it be” and ship the units. One can always unplug and plug in power connection after an unsucessful reboot.

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