Invalid menu items and failure to install add-ons after April 2019 OSMC update

After updating the Vero 4K with yesterday’s April 2019 update, the device has the following issues:

  • On the main menu, Videos is shown as “N/A,” and Music is shown as “Not available.”
  • I tried fixing this via Skin Settings and chose “Enable menu customization.” This brought up the prompt to install “Skin Helper Service.” After choosing yes to download, I got the message “Installation failed.” Same result when trying to install via repository.

Cosmetic issue: is there a way to remove the new “water drops” background and go back to the look and feel of the previous OSMC version? Alternatively, are there are any other pre-selected wallpapers?

This issue is caused by a localize change by Kodi - affecting the localizes of videos and music. The way you tried to solve this is indeed the way to go.

This is not supposed to happen. On our test setups the optional scripts for customizing our skin were installing fine. To be able to see what’s going wrong on your device, could you please upload some logs reproducing the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a look in the background section of our skin settings. There you’ll find default backgrounds (four of them) you can toggle through. You can also point to a custom one by using the custom option.

Thanks @Chillbo. The add-on error stopped happening on its own. Everything fixed now!

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Same issues here plus resolution setting switched from 1080 to 720, and my custom background images were replaced with standard water splash image.