iOS Notifications

Hi guys, great work! I have to admit that I love OSMC and its minimal design.
One thing that I would love to see in the future is iOS notifications on the screen. Either by creating an application like Notify or by using IFTTT.

Keep up the great work!

Kodi is Kodi. Why would Notify not work?

What would you like notifications for? Considering Growl for some things


Hi @ActionA, Notify is for Android. I don’t think there is something similar for Apple.
@sam_nazarko, I would like to see notifications about text messages/emails or calls.

This is planned for the OSMC remote for Android, but not sure if iOS APIs allow this to be accessed?


Ah ok, yeah… I have no iOS devices so…

@ActionA No problem, thank you for the help though. @sam_nazarko I believe that Apple does not give access to that through their API. I might be wrong… Have you seen people using Growl for something similar to that?

There is a Pushbullet addon that allows you to receive notifications in kodi.

I haven’t used Pushbullet before but there is an iOS app and IFTTT support. You should be able to work something out with one of those.

Were you able to solve the issue with Notify? I have a raspberry pi + osmc + Notify + Android S4 with Notify installed.
I had setup notify both on my phone and osmc. The issue is that the notifications are not getting to osmc, neither is the osmc stopping playback when I received a call (one of notify functions)
I have checked for wifi connectuon, done the setup checking, even changed the port, login and passwd for notify within osmc.
One thing I did find is that when I use a port scanner, none of the ports used by notify came up.

I dont own any android devices sorry. I was talking about iOS notifications

And something like ?