IP address changed by itself


Since yesterday my IP has changed without me doing anything on my side. any idea why ?



With exactly zero information provided to work from, no.


What information do I need ?

Where your IP address originated from for starters. Are we talking a static IP? If so it was set static on your RPi or your DHCP server? Is this a dynamic address that you just assumed would never change?

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sorry for delay, yes is IP static from RPi. It’s strange, because it hasn’t changed since the installation on my SD cards (3 years ago).

I find it strange that it has changed lately

What did it change from and to? I don’t remember seeing others reporting this issue. Is there maybe another device on your network that was using this address (ie you set it to a static ip that was in the same range your DHCP server was handing out), or a change in how you connected (switch from wired to wireless)?

For three years I have been using my RPi through the wifi of my box. I use WinSPC to transfer files. my host name has not changed since. And I haven’t made any particular change