IP cam and HW acceleration

I use a pi2 as well as a Vero on my wired home network to monitor the H.264 security video from six cameras.
Recently I had to replace one of the cameras, a Zmodo with the newest firmware. This camera appears to have the same stream as the rest but will not display video with the PI2 with hardware acceleration enabled, only software.
Yet the stream will work with the Vero and hardware acceleration enabled.
I assume this is a function of the different graphics chips in the units and am wondering if there’s any workaround for this issue.
Disabling hardware acceleration on the PI2 to monitor the one camera is an option but is far too cumbersome to be done on a regular basis.

Try bringing up the codec info page on the Vero while playing the camera that the Pi isn’t playing. (press O on a keyboard)

My guess would be that it is sending MPEG2 and you don’t have a license key for that installed on the Pi. (The Vero doesn’t need extra license keys for MPEG2 or VC1 like the Pi does)

No, I actually have two PI2’s on the network as well as a Vero and both the PI’s have the MPEG2 license installed and both have the same issue.

The one line that is different with the PI2 between the offending camera feed and the rest is the later part of the info in the line beginning with “C”. “cache:0 B 100% af,-2147483648% vf:100% amp 0.00”

With the other ip cameras this reads “cache 0 B 0% af: 7% vf:0% amp: 0.00”

I assume this is an issue with the GPU memory cache size when hardware acceleration is utilized?

Does disabling omxplayer acceleration but leaving MMAL enabled work?
Can you record camera to a file, and do you get the same problem playing the file? If so a sample file would be useful.

The stream does play when disabling hardware acceleration in omxplayer only but I loose Dolby 5.1 passthrough on other content then.
I’ve noticed issues when playing other online content as well with acceleration enabled with MML only, unless it was only a coincidence. Although re-enabling acceleration for omxplayer seemed to fix it.
The cameras are all monitored with “I-Spy” on another computer on the network and all record and playback fine albeit as mp4s.
Honestly, I don’t know how to record the live stream from the camera with the PI2 and Kodi. Can this be done through the GUI or logging on with SSH?