IP Control?


I’m considering purchasing the Vero V. From what I hear, it is a lot more stable and less buggy when running Kodi than what I currently use (Nvidia Shield Pro 2019). If that is the case, then I am very interested.

One thing I’d like to know is if IP control is possible with the Vero V? And if not, are IR commands available? My equipment is in a separate room from my display, and I’m using The Home Remote to control all of my equipment. I’m trying to limit the number of physical remotes I have in my theater.


I migrate from Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro and I must recommend Vero V. Will never go back…
It is stable, fast, response… everything smooth… no problem on large movie files…

You can enable IR by enabling desired remote control under settings… I personally enabled OSMC remote and using Sofabaton U2 remote as IR and with bluetooth combination… So using best from both worlds…

The control options over Kodi aren’t really platform specific. Kodi has an option to use jsonrpc and that is what the remote apps use of which their are quite a few. You could also utilize your own custom solution using the same interface if you were so inclined and capable.

The included remote is RF and if your equipment is just in the next room it might work. If your existing remote does bluetooth that would also be an option. There is an IR receiver in the front of the Vero that can be used with an IR blaster setup (although this interface is slower than using RF). There is also USB so if you had some other solution that sent in commands as if it was a keyboard that would work as well.

Nothing further to add but say that if you have any further questions we are here to help :slight_smile: