iPazzport repeats key-entry on RPi 3 B


On my RPi 2B I’ve used a iPazzport keyboard for quite some time. It always worked fine.
Last week I bought a RPi 3B and installed the latest build of OSMC. Here my keyboard doesn’t react always or it puts in the same key 10 times or so.

Like: Nameeeeeeeeee

Is there any setting to overcome this problem?

First of all ,many thanks for using our product .the keyboard you are using must be the model ipazzport 21S or 21SL,they are used for pi 2 and pi 2B with USB connection .But the pi 3B is Bluetooth or WIFI connection ,that is ,I think ,the reason why the problem appear This time you should turn to the new model 21SBL which is Bluetooth enabled .I hope this will help you a bit .

The RPi 3 B has 4 USB connections, so I’m very suprised that a USB keyboard will not work. Are you sure this is the case?
Could there be any other problem?

I just got the iPazzPort model number 21SBL connecting with Bluetooth on our RPi 3B, and it’s doing this same exact thing. Keypresses sometimes work fine, sometimes are delayed by several seconds before they are acted upon, and sometimes repeat multiple times. I had read that this is a good remote for Kodi, and it had 5 stars on Amazon, so I was excited to try this, but I’m now wondering if I should return it. Is there a setting somewhere that I should be looking for to resolve this problem?