iPhone kodi remote sensitive

So I installed OSMC last night and was really impressed with the new look and feel of it, but has been met with a major issue which I think is an OSMC issue, the remote I use for kodi is iPhone Kodi remote, everytime I press any button it jumps by 2 on every press, If I use the TV remote it’s fine and before I installed OSMC I had OpenElec installed and that was fine with the iPhone app, Anyone else had this issue and how I can fix this

I have this problem once in a while (once a month maybe ?).
Usually one of the following actions work for me:

  • In the Kodi Remote IOS app, disconnect from the OSMC/Kodi and reconnect
  • kill/quit the Kodi Remote IOS app and relaunch
  • As last resort, reboot OSMC (not sure I’ve had to to do this for this particular problem)