iPlayer addon not updating


Since the recent big update to OSMC, my BBC iPlayer addon doesn’t work so well - it seems to be dropping quite a lot of frames. Probably related, OSMC is complaining that the addon can’t be updated due to a failed dependency… from the log:

ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[plugin.video.iplayerwww]: The dependency on inputstream.adaptive version 1.0.6 could not be satisfied.

It looks like I currently have version 2.5.6 installed, and there’s a version 3.0.0 on the Kodi Add-on repo, but attempting update triggers the above error.

you have activated the inputstream.adaptive ? Otherwise if it’s on official kodi repo try to found the official thread on kodi forum…

Thanks for your reply! I hadn’t activated inputstream.adaptive. I did that, and then I was able update my iPlayer to v3.0.0

Sadly, that hasn’t fixed the problem with missing frames! But the problem looks suspiciously similar to the issue here: choppy video since krypton update on vero 1

…so I guess I’ll watch that thread and wait for updates. Thanks again!! :smiley:


mmmmmmmm… i’m not using this addons and i can’t help whit missing frames… try to found some solution on official thread:

It’s possibly here you can find some other people have a similar problems like yours…

I’ve fixed it!! I did it by enabling “Sync playback to display”. In case, anyone else needs to find that option, it’s here (under OSMC 2017.02-2 / Kodi v17 Krypton):

Settings > Player > Videos > Sync playback to display