IPlayer WWW Subtitles

Hi all,
This is my first post here - sorry if it’s in the wrong place. I’m also new to OSMC but have dabbled over the years.

I recently received a Vero 4K+ and all seems to be working very well [Thanks]. I have managed to install IPlayer WWW and watch all of “The Bodyguard” with subtitles.

Next we wanted to watch “Killing Eve”. There seems to be only one option which is called a box set. This reverts to the first episode but I cannot select subtitles which are there on our freeview set top box.

I also note the subtitles are white and in a chubby font. Can I change this? The subs should change colour for different speakers.

Thank you for any advice.

I’m not sure if iPlayer burns the subtitles in or not; which may limit your ability to change them.

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the response. Both programmes are in English so subtitles are for the Hard of hearing and should be manually selected - as they are on freeview (and Chrome). I can select subtitles on “The Bodyguard” but not for “Killing Eve”.

A separate issue is not being able to select Episode 2 from “Killing Eve”

On iPlayer apps that I’ve seen, you can turn subtitles on and off dynamically.

You’d be better off asking here:

Thanks @gb160, I had looked there first but the forum looks a bit too technical for me and less friendly than here :slight_smile: Also there are 125 pages!
Post #1847 seems to explain the box set problem (and possibly the subtitles). Oddly the subtitles became available to me yesterday on the episode that didn’t have them the day before. I checked my next episode and they were unavailable there but I have a feeling they will be there tonight.
I’ve registerd there and will put further questions to the developer.

Glad you’ve sorted it, that’s the main Kodi forum so don’t worry about it being technical, most posters there are just regular users like yourself.
The vast majority of the devs on there are polite and friendly also…it’s always best to ask about add on specific issues over there.

I think I’ve figured out what happened. I got a bit confused with the Vero remote control.
When watching an iplayer show I pressed the back button instead of the stop button. This means that I was looking at the iplayer menu while the programmes was still playing in the background.
I then selected the show again and pressed ok - at this point you cannot select the subtitles.
Either I need to press stop to get to the menu or press back but then make sure I press back again to get back to the show with subtitles.