IPSEC Dialup rpi2 OSMC Client to server

hi all,

I setup a raspbery pi2 at my mothers house and would like her to see my pictures on my SAMBA share on my server at my house. Also, would like to access her OSMC rpi2 via both SSH and VNC for debugging and troubleshooting.

I was thinking that I could setup a VPN client on the rpi2 and have it dialup to my Fortigate Firewall and setup a IPSEC tunnel in order for me to gain access to her rpi2 (ssh and VNC) as well as he being able to access my pictures folder on my server.

My problem is on the rpi2 since im a newbie to linux, i dont know how to set this up.

Been googling for a little and can’t find how to set this up.

Anyone have links or howto’s?


the only thing I seem to find, is how to setup the pi2 as a server. But in my case, it’s the other way around. I need the pi2 to be a client diling up to my firewall and setting up a IPSEC tunnel so I can access it from my local net. I found this: http://packetpushers.net/raspberry-pi-deliciously-simple-vpn-endpoint/ but this references openswan and at the first step of installing, im getting a openswan does not exist.

Anyone can help please please please.

You might be lucky by trying to install strongswan instead of openswan.

On the other hand SSL VPN’s have become much more popular and are more widely supported. I am not sure how it looks like on the Fortigate side but running a VPN from rpi2 to rpi2 with openvpn is quite easy.

Actually, strongswan would be ok, but my problem is i dont know how to configure it for what i need. I know how the settings look on the other size (vpn router), my issue is the rpi2 side…

To be honest a full walkthru of how to configure strongswan against your fortigate would blow the purpose of this forum.
But googeling “strongswan fortigate ipsec” gives 3000+ results with some promising like:

Also check out this thread Strongswan IPSEC VPN 'Netlink Error' after update - possibly patch for Kernel 4.3 needed