IPTV addon no longer shows now playing metadata on the fullscreen mode

Thanks for the new update. I like the new UI but there’s an issue with the IPTV addon not showing the metadata of “Now Playing” songs. It’s only able to display the track albumart only, other tags such as Artist, Album, Track Title are missing. With the Radio (Rad.io music addon) I can see all that info.

see screenshots below:

The bottom screenshot shows the IPTV addon:

Does it show with other skins? It should have all the labels needed to show the info, if available. So, not sure the addon is providing the necessary data. :thinking:

I’ve tried with the Estuary skin I can see the info from the IPTV stations, the albumart, song title, artist are being displayed.

It seems to me, your IPTV addon is not setting some values correctly here. As it’s playing a radio channel, it should set Pvr.IsPlayingRadio to true and then the info would show up… But it doesn’t. Estuary doesn’t seem to care whether it’s music or radio that’s being played back, it shows the same info field all the time - our skin has dedicated info fields for radio and music that rely on the available booleans being set correctly by addons (some addons don’t do that correctly though).

Here’s how its displaying the metadata.

I’ve also noticed that the IPTV addon is showing only the track title when it’s not in full screen mode. It’s not showing the song artist.

Well, that confirms it… Estuary has generic info fields that don’t use the dedicated labels meant for radio playback. As the addon is providing information through these generic labels, you can see the info with Estuary although the “No information available” text also makes clear that somethings odd here. I’ll see whether there can be a way to cover this edge case of an addon not behaving right with our skin in the future.

okay. that will be great. I hope there will be a fix soon.

One thing that came to mind… Can you open the OSD and see whether clicking the i button brings up RDS radio information? Those would normally, if populated by the addon, show information like artist, album and track for radio playback.

I tried, its still showing the same info


It’s not showing other tags

Then the addon is definitely not population the expected info labels correctly which is somewhat difficult to cater for as it’s per se unexpected behaviour. Will have to think about how I could encorporate this edge case without negative consequences for normally behaving scenarios.