Iptv and Osmc change channel

Hi, i have Osmc on Raspberry Pi2. My problem is the change channel of iptv simple client… is very slow! Change during 10-13 second. In my pc is very fast! Why? Solution for this problem?
Thanks and W Osmc

Is the PI2 on wifi or ethernet(wired)… wireless i a lot slower especially with those USB dongles with no antenna, distance is key here and obstacles.

The problem is wifi usb?

I’m running on cable and channel switch is about 2-5 sec max.
Simple test: try on cable :wink:

You can also consider using google DNS…, (not sure if your ISP DNS is fast enough).
Probably this is not the main cause, but could help gain some speed with other addons as well.

Thanks… i try with cable. One question… if i have setting dhcp ip, I can just change the DNS?

I think there is a way to change the DNS on the pi, but to be very honest I rely on router DHCP settings for that…

Ok i change on modem! Thanks you all!

I would also have a question:
Is there a way to record IPTV simple client channels, didn’t find any option for that?

@luci84tm i do not know, i only have a tuner, but try asking that question at http://tvheadend.org forum… but i don’t think so.


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the app store version is now working, try it and see if that works better…