IPTV freezes

I just tried on raspberry pi zero w: I added a list of channels, it appeared loading all channels, and then when I go to the PVR Lite TV on the OSMC menu, it freezes.

I thought the problem was that the Raspberry Pi Zero W was freezing because it couldn’t handle too much, but it happens with my raspberry pi 3 (the latest one of all)

What should I do?

ps: my ip tv list of channels is big, but I don’t think it should freeze my OSMC

How big is big?

16.000 channels

I suspect your running out of memory, either disable epg or reduce the channel list

There’s no option to disable epg

16,000 channels is too much.

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I made a parser that filters channels with keywords you put on it and saves into a new file

maybe someone can use it someday

thanks for your help