Iptv in apple tv 1 gen with osmc latest


hey all
i have apple tv first generation ,i installed osmc.hdd last version,and i ask if someone succeded to play m3u url or file,to give me a tutorial
i try pvr client but it stuck ans reboot
need help thank


Hi All,
I have the same problem. Installed OSMC (May 17) on Apple TV 1st gen and activated PVR SIMPLE IPTV client. The APP is able to download the list of IPTV channels but when I select one of them… the APP simply crash and OSMC reboot.
Tried many times but I got the same problem.
Any idea? Need help!


The device is probably OOM’ing.

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Argh… any solution or suggestion to avoid such condition? Maybe disintalling some add-ons or changing settings in OSMC. I use the ATV1gen only for IPTV.
Thanks in advance


Buy a Raspberry Pi 3 that has 4x the RAM?


Yeah, I understand… AppleTV 1st gen will stay in my warehouse as a nice piece for a museum! :grin:
Anyway, I’m trying to reduce the list of IPTV channels to the minimum needed in order to check if this can avoid OOM.

I will let you know soon!