IPTV Isues

Hi there, I just bought the new Vero 4K+ and I’m having problems with my IPTV streaming.
The sound is out of sync and the video stutters.
Can anyone help me with this?


Can you try with a local file first and see if there’s an issue there?

Hi, I’ve used my HDD to watch movies and TV shows with no issue, just this problem with iptv.

Have you checked its not your provider, by testing on another device?

You could try watch a YouTube trailer or something at 1080p for comparison.

Yes, it works fine with siptv!

Probably network related then, how are u connected? ethernet, 2.4 or 5GHz wireless?
Can u do an iperf test?

Ethernet 120mbs what’s an iperf test?


Iperf details can be found here:

But being as the issue iptv, it may be worth checking the vero 4k+ with an internet speedtest, from the command line try this:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py | python -

I’d try it a few times, to see if you are getting consistent speeds. If the download speed is below 25mbit/s , you will struggle with iptv.

Thanks Tom.

Thank you, I’ll try that and then get back to you.

Do you mean you are connected to a Powerline adapter or something?


It’s connected router, cable, Vero.

I’m not very well spoken in the different flavors of Linux so please bear with me, how do I do what Tom sugested in the previous post?


Thank you so much!

When I log in through my pc with the user osmc, it goes right to password, but it doesn’t let me write the pass…

Typing the password is not shown on screen

Hi everybody, I’ve been quite busy that’s why I haven’t replied to this thread.
I finally have iptv working fine, but just when I changed the skin I was using.
Thanks for all your help.