IPTV not playing?

it worked and all of the sudden stopped working. Reinstalled osmc twice but no luck.

I have a working itv address and finds the channels but when I press says “working” for a second then nothing.

Log here:


Not a debug log, so can’t see much.

From what I do see, looks like an issue with the IPTV provider. Have you asked them?

We can’t provide support for those streams as we are not in control of that content.

Understand , I thought that was a debug log.

The thing is that line works on kodi installed on my computer , just not on the raspberry osmc.

I will try to get a log .

What’s the error 404 that shows on there ?

Not sure, but I’m guessing your IPTV provider has a problem.

404 usually means not found, but none of the resources that are failing are provided by us.

I’d suggest asking them about the problem. I am sure they can test a Pi with OSMC and investigate the issue. I suspect they’ll have a Pi around for testing purposes.