IPTV on the Raspberry Pi OSMC

Hey guys, where I live we have an IPTV system that encodes various channels and makes them available over our internal network via .STRM files. Right now i have a folder with these .STRM files in my favorites section and i can select one and it will play the live stream of the channel. Does anyone know of an addon or plugin for OSMC that i can load up with these .STRM files so that it treats them like actual channels so i can use channel up and down to go between channels instead of picking a channel from a list of files?

as i remember you can make a playlist or ad it as a folder… but give tvguide a go:

I think you want the IPTV simple client.

Ok, i’ve got it working to some degree, i’m having a hard time creating a playlist where all the information for the channel is associated. Any good places to learn how to do this or maybe some premade examples?

Did you click “show” on the example listed in the wiki?

Yea, i’m lost as to where i insert the actual IP of the channel in that example

The IP address goes in the “STREAMURL” placeholder.