IPTV PVR simple client - error

Hello, first of all I do not speak English, I am using the Google translator.
I installed osmc in an RPI3b, and enabled the addv prv iptv simple client.
To this I add a list of iptv, and everything works fine. Except that it starts to play the TV channel and the minute playback stops. I do not know what it can be, since the list is free and has no restriction. I have tried on private payment iptv lists and it is the same.
The same list of iptv, reprodusco on a PC with vlc and never cut.
I appreciate if someone can help me.
Thank you

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Hola, antes que nada no hablo ingles, estoy ultilizando el traductor de google.
He instalado osmc en una RPI3b , y habilite el addon prv iptv simple cliente.
A este le agrego una lista de iptv, y funciona todo bien. Salvo que empieza a reproducir el canal de tv y al minuto se detiene la reproduccion. No se que puede sewr, ya que la lista es gratis y no posee restriccion. He probado on listas iptv privadas de pago y es igual.
La misma lista de iptv , la reprodusco en un PC con vlc y no se corta nunca.
Agradezco si alguien me puede ayudar.

As this forum is in English, I will reply in that. Let me know if you have some trouble understanding.

How many channels does the IPTV playlist have? If you have a large number of channels, this can cause memory pressure and high CPU use which will cause freezes.