IPTV Simple Client - Audio But No Video

I asked this on the IPTV Simple Client sub-forum over at KODI, but no answers.

I am using this URL:


Most of the stations don’t play at all. I get that.

However, with the ones that do play, I only get the audio. No video. The screen just shows “All Channels” with the channel list.

I have the exact same client set up on an RPi (OSMC July update) and the video displays just fine on feeds that actually work. They also play just fine (audio and video) on VLC.

Here’s one that plays audio but no video on Vero:


Here’s the section of the kodi.log where I try to play this stream:

Kodi Log - IPTV Simple Client

There was an auto-update on the Vero this morning, so I assume it is up-to-date.

Have you ever been able to play this stream on a Vero?


No. Yesterday was the first time for me to try playing IPTV streams. The whole concept is new to me.

And, why didn’t I receive email that there was a response to my OP?

I only replied a minute ago. Discourse probably sends the email if the user has been inactive for a certain amount of time when the job is triggered…

But, I don’t….

Check your preference settings. By default you won’t get an email notification if you have been active in the last 10 minutes:

I use a Raspberry Pi, so I am not sure if this is different on Vero. But I think there is a Kodi setting to “start minimized”, or something like that. On my Pi, I had to exit the channel screen and go back home before the video displayed.

“Start Minimized” makes no difference. No video either way.

BTW, the attached screenshot shows how I’ve always had my email set up.

hi! today have the same issue and i can confirm there was START MINIMIZED in Settings>TV>Playback

Just turn off that option…