Iptv simple client plugin enabled. "Run" greyed out

Hi - link to log files follow. Although the addon is enabled, the “Run” option is greyed out (in the menu that provides access to the “Configure”, “Dependencies” option ), and the addon does not appear as a menu option on the front page of the UI (unlike other enabled addons like “jellyfin” and “hdhomerun simple”


thanks - I’d appreciate any assistance

When pvr.IPTV.simple-client is enabled, it shows any channels it can makes available, from the m3u file you pointed to in the configuration step, under the menu alternative “PVR & Live TV”.

Since it starts when Kodi starts, the is no “run” option.

How do I use the plugin? Is there a user interface to access the channels that are available via the plugin?

When the addon is configured with a working channel list (*.m3u), it will scan that list and depending on how you configure that main menu item. It will open epg or channel window when clicked. You can add widgets but by default there isn’t one.

I suggest: Settings->Interface->Skin->Configure skin… General->Customize main menu
Locate and move down to “PVR & Live TV”, step right two times, down to Change action: ActivateWindow(TVChannels), move down to Manage widget somewhere under PVR there is “Last played TVChannels”

Thanks - that’s very helpful, and gives me something to work on. I’d mistakenly assumed that a widget would appear on the main menu once the addon was enabled.

Turns out that I didn’t see something that was directly in front of me. I use the estuary skin, and the “tv” menu option was turned off - so no wonder it wasn’t displaying. Thanks again for your assistance

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