IPTV Simple with live TV sad face restart on channel change


I have 2 setups. Windows PC running Kodi 16.0 and a Pi 2 running OSMC (with Kodi 16) both on a wired network connection.

On the Pi I installed the 2 codec licenses that I bought.

On both systems I have set up a channel list with the live TV coming from my Internet Provider’s box. It works perfectly on the PC, but on the Pi 2 around a third of the time I get a Kodi sad face crash and reboot.

I have no other add-ons. I restarted from scratch to ket to the root of this problem.

It seems that just before the crash there are some packet errors. Here’s the log that shows that: http://pastebin.com/raw/ZysaDDKQ
This is the content of the kodi.old.log

Here is my M3U file (very empty for the moment, but zapping between just these channels is enough to trigger a crash and Kodi reboot)

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="1" tvg-logo="tf1.png" group-title="SD",TF1
#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="2" tvg-logo="france2.png" group-title="SD",France 2
#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="3" tvg-logo="france3.png" group-title="SD",France 3
#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="5" tvg-logo="france5.png" group-title="SD",France 5
#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="6" tvg-logo="m6.png" group-title="SD",M6

I’m not sure if this is a Pi problem a Kodi problem or an IPTV Simple problem.


  1. If I add these same streams to the standard favourites list then I can also get access to them, but even then, sometimes when I change channels it won’t load the stream. Here’s a logfile that shows that happening : Kodi Log freeboxTV in favorites 2016-28-03 fatphil - Pastebin.com

  2. As I stated above I have exactly the same setup on my Windows PC with Kodi (v16 Jarvis) and it works fine.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to get this working?


I have the same issue. Anyone can help us?


Hi Alex,

When you say you have exactly the same problem, are you using live tv streams or something else?

Also are you seeing the “Error creating demuxer” or “CDVDPlayerAudio::DecodeFrame - Decode Error. Skipping audio packet” errors? Does anyone think that this may be what’s causing the restart?

Thanks all,

Hi there,

I do encounter the same issue (using live stream).

It appears when I change channel from the remote control without stop playing the current one. If I do stop playing and switch channel it works.

I have the same issue as jumbay. Fine if I stop playback but sad face if I try to change channel when another channel is playing. Either by guide or by ch+

I also got random sad face from time to time. I have a wired connection and use live TV via DVBlink server

I have tried changing out SD cards to class 10 Sandisk tof try and rule out read/write issues.

I am using a 2.0 amp phone charger so next thing to try is an official Pi PSU incase it is a power (or lack of constant ) power issue.

Other than that I have heard that using a USB drive as root may help has SD cards can cause issues.

I setup 2 Pi 3’s one with OSMC and one with LibreELEC.

LibreELEC did crash in a similar way but gave rainbow symbol which is supposed to mean the Pi is not getting enough power.

I will buy a PSU and report but if someone else tries beforehand, post up and report if it solved the issue!


Does the crash happen when switching between a H.264 and MPEG-2 channel?
(HD is typically H.264. SD is typically MPEG-2).

Jarvis doesn’t support switching between a software codec and a hardware codec within the same stream. Krypton should support this.
If you buy the MPEG-2 codec licence you will avoid this issue (and get better quality video and lower CPU).

It’s really interesting that the author of this article is not using a DVB but is using a stream directly and stil get some crashes.

I have been experiencing this bug for quite some time now, but me I am using tvheadend with DVB dongles. I am also experiencing random crashes while i switch channel.

I have open some bug reports on different forums (1)where i could get help but never managed to get to the bottom of this and came to the conclusion that it was either due to my DVB which was drawing power and i was getting the crash or some buffer issues with the raspberry pi. But with this case there should not really be a relationship between power as there is not DVB dongle to draw power from. It would be good if the author was still getting the crash.

(1) https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.hts/issues/199

@popcornmix Hi. Thanks for the quick reply.

I don’t get sad face then, no, but I get sound and a scrambled picture like that. Sad face is between mpeg2 channels.

I have purchased the codecs and will see if that works, thanks.


Interesting. I am using a separate DVBLINK server (pci card in windows machine) and cat6 network to my Pi3.

I’ve not touched this for several months, but I can confirm that:

  • I’m using a recommended power supply
  • I bought and installed the 2 codecs from the Pi store when I bought the Pi 2. CPU usage dropped considerably once they were installed.
  • I’ve since moved house, changed Internet provider, and no longer have access to the streaming channels. Perhaps my new ISP has accessible streaming channels but I don’t have the time right now to investigate.

Good luck all,