IPTV with Archive?


Is there an addon like PVR IPTV Simple Client but to have the option to use the archive?



Do you mean the having the playlist compressed?

If so I can’t see any benefit of this, if anything the opposite. Its going to require ram than just loading the playlist, as it will also use ram to uncompress the playlist before it can even load the list.

Thanks Tom.


Thanks for you answer @Tom_Doyle
I mean I watching IPTV using m3u8. the IPTV provider I’m using has an archive for 4 days. If I’m using my IPTV BOX (MAG by infomir) I can roll back and watch the TV shows or w/e I’ve missed however when I’m using OSMC on Raspberry Pi with PVR IPTV simple client there so no such function to watch what I have missed.



I’m not aware of any kodi addons at the moment which supports this.

Regards Tom.


I believe this was merged upstream, so should be available soon.