IPv6 support? Torrent integration on Vero 4k+?

First I want to say that I am amazed at what the team & Mr. Sam have achieved. OSMC and Vero 4k+ looks like the best solution out there and I trust the Vero product line will have a glorious future.
I’ll be recommending this to everyone after I’ve purchased mine if it works as well as what I’ve read so far.

I have read here that IPv6 is disabled by default due to problems with RPi. If it is enabled, does the system work in a dual-stack or even in an IPv6-only network?

I have a small Synology NAS (wired network, Mikrotik router) which works over IPv6.

Second question I have about Torrent downloading with Verio 4k+.

I don’t want to keep a PC running 24/7 for torrents and I’m not interested in administering a seedbox since I work in IT all day already (but I have not used X11 for 20+ years so have a very basic question):
Is it possible to use a web browser on Vero 4k+ for browsing torrent trackers and have a UX similar to a desktop PC? I.e. either get the magnet links sent to rtorrent or other torrent daemon (I guess not possible?) or click a link to a .torrent file to download them to disk and have torrent daemon automatically add them to download queue?

It looks like I would need to install X11 and Firefox? And it’d work the same way as any Linux desktop?

I would just need to add torrents to the queue a few times per week max and I’d prefer to have a self-contained system with Vero+NAS (and TV + Minix A2 Lite or similar - suggestions?).

Edit: how is the browsing UX in general? All I’d need it for would be a few tabs with some common torrent trackers.

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Regarding torrent:
Just install the transmission app from app-store and you are in business: connect to your vero with :9091

I use transmission also but run it on synology NAS.
I send magnet links and torrent files via nzb360 which I also use to send usenet stuff to my NAS.
I prefer to not tax the vero with torrent downloads and seeding.

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Oh i misunderstood you, in that case there is a desktop installation post in the forum , but it closes Kodi in order to run. If you just want to administer a transmission installation on another device there is a transmission addon in kodi repository, dont remember if you can add torrents on it, or how you browse to said torrent files.

Good point. Running it on the NAS would be even better as I wouldn’t need to keep the media player on 24/7.

Nzb360 looks like exactly what I need! I’m fine with using an Android phone to manage it, just using a laptop feels like I’m working.

Thanks for both replies. Looks like I’ll go with transmission, will test how it works on the NAS.

I don’t know for sure, but I think TransGUI is available on windows. (I use it on Linux Mint). It’s a nice GUI front end for Transmission. You can add/create torrents with it. I use it all the time to control Transmission on my seedbox.

EDIT: I should have checked first. Yes, TransGUI is available for Windows: Transmission Remote GUI download | SourceForge.net

It’s a 24/7 device, low energy consumption, even lower if you use suspend function so I don’t see the need for it to be powered off.

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I see. If it’s designed for 24/7 or otherwise uses quality components then that would be fine. A common problem is low-quality capacitors that give up, especially since it’s hot in here and and even more so during the summer.

I run 2 torrent clients 24/7 on my vero4k, and i had no performance issues. Even in standby, it keeps the cpu running just throttled, and that isn’t effecting the seeding, rehashing might take a while longer but it’s nothing i’m bothered with, when in standby.

This is configurable.
Keep in mind that My OSMC’s network add-on doesn’t handle IPv6 well (yet); so you’d need to configure things via the command line using connmanctl.

I’m fine with command line.

I hope you get seamless IPv6 experience at some point. Having done a lot of dual-stack work I know it takes time and may not be a priority for now but as long as it’s on the team’s radar it’s all good!

Thanks everyone, I’ll mark this question solved!

Eventually we will, yes.

What will likely happen before that is we get everything ready such that it’s configurable via the UI, but still disable it by default and add an ‘Enable IPv6’ checkbox in the settings.


I’ve been using the exact same setup for 2 weeks now and it is perfect. Thanks again for recommending nzb360.

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Although you said you prefer not to be on a PC I thought I would mention there is a Chrome extension called “Remote Torrent Adder” that has been working flawless for me. It redirects any torrent or magnet links to your clients web interface and pops up a notification to let you know it did so.