IR Extender Not Receiving

Hi All.

Just setup the Vero 4K - everything went without a hitch, impressive little box.

The included remote works well but I want to run IR since I use URC remotes - in this case an MX-980 which connects to an URC MSC-400 in a media closet. All of my devices are in that closet and connect to the 4 TVs in the house via an 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher. This device will go in there as well - hence the need to have IR.

The IR Receiver built into the unit responds well enough but I figured I would try the extender as a possible option. I plug into the outer most 3.5 mm jack but it does not seem to respond to the remote. I have confirmed using IRW - the internal one works but if I cover it and point at the extender it does not respond.

In the OSMC config I have it set up to use an MCE remote since that is what I have programmed into the MX-980. They are all the same codes that i use with my Intel NUC and RPi3 each running Kodi.

So, AFAICT, it is the extended that is not working. Anything I might be missing?



Which port have you plugged it in to?
As long as you have configured LIRC correctly, that should be it.


It is plugged into the outer-most , furthest from the HDMI plug.

I played with it some more. It seems that the extender DOES work but if it and the built in IR are seeing the signal at the same time it does nothing. But if I cover one or the other then they work just fine. Not sure if this is a problem with my remotes repeat rate, the select lirc file, or just the expected behavior of the hardware.

But at least I know I have both options. Thanks for the response.