IR not working

My Vero 4k turned up today! Super prompt delivery. Very posh packaging.

Took me about 30 seconds to get it working, OSMC is super simple to setup. All works well with the RF remote.

But try as I might I can’t get any response from my IR remote. I have plugged the IR extender into the outer 3.5mm jack. I programmed my Harmony 300 to act as an XBOX360 controller. But get no activity on the Vero.

I’ve tried to change a button in the Kodi controller config, but all I get it a countdown and no acion.

Is there any debugging I can do to ensure it’s receiving an IR signal, even if it is the wrong one?

You can select the Xbox 360 Remote Profile from My OSMC → Remotes. Then OSMC will understand how to decode these remote codes.

Nailed it. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Just a little confusion over settings in Kodi and then setting in the My OSMC.

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