IR Receiver does not work when Hyperion is set to use V42L Grabber


I am using a IR receiver with my pi for browsing around OSMC. I also have hyperion installed and it seems like when hyperion is set to use the STK1160 usb grabber I am unable to use the IR receiver.

If I change the hyperion config to grab it’s data from kodi, or if I disable hyperion all together the receiver works and I can control kodi using the remote.
I believe it is the same issue as decribed here:

Does anyone have any idea’s to get it working using the USB grabber? I’m stumped, I’ve tried on a fresh install of Kodi. LIRC works fine until hyperion is installed using the USB grabber.


its been some time you posted this, but have you found a solution?
Having the same problem
Thanks and greetings