IR Receiver on GPIO Connector Question

I’ve currently setup a few RPi’s with the old school Xbox DVD Dongle remote and the modified USB dongle as per this site:

I’ve got everything working perfectly and any necessary keys mapped properly, but I’d like to ditch the USB dongle and wire up an IR receiver to the GPIO connector on the RPi (like in this article: Overview | Using an IR Remote with a Raspberry Pi Media Center | Adafruit Learning System).

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether I could simply wire up the IR receiver (as per above) and it’ll simply replace the USB dongle without having to modify the lircd.conf file?

I like the old school Xbox DVD remote - as most of the buttons are already perfectly mapped, so I’d like to continue using them, but creating the USB dongle is just a pain in the butt to build (and doesn’t look as ‘clean’ as the IR receiver mod would). This would also free up a USB port on the RPi for me.

As far as I know your old USB receiver would not have been going through lircd in the first place - so the remote / lircd.conf you chose in “Remotes” in My OSMC would not have had any effect. (USB remotes pass through a different input system)

However if you went to a GPIO IR reciever we do have an original xbox remote profile in Remote’s that you should be able to use, even if it wasn’t right it is possible to learn just about any remote with a GPIO IR receiver with the right commands.

Awesome. Thanks a ton for the reply DBMandrake. I guess I’ll whip one together and start messing around with it. Thanks again!