IR remote issues since update

My original thread about this has got a bit confused , so a new one with the pertinent facts seems a good idea.

Pre the recent update I only had one IR issue, some video files caused clunky IR response, several button presses were needed to get it to act. This was a minor pain but was livable with.

Post the update
The clunky files became totally unresponsive to the IR remote.

I also found that using home or menu to wake the Vero after suspension did not work. Using the original remote was fine.

Rolling the box back to the previous version resolved both issues.

I can think what may cause delayed responses during playback but nothing has changed that would stop Home or Menu from working and we don’t change remote profiles between updates

I would suggest updating and seeing if it is still an issue

I accidentally updated last night (my error), so I am back on the current version and yes both issues are back. I am about to roll back the update so will check again before and after. Might it be that the IR software on the Vero does not function till after it wakes up since the update ?

There haven’t been IR changes in this update.
If you wake the device from suspend the first press is ignored to wake the device, ie if you pressed OK or up.

Just rolled bac the update, with the update installed I did quite a few tests, and only once would home wake it up. After I had rolled it back it has been perfect.

For me with the up date rolled back, I have what I need, and would go for the Vero V if I though Dolby vison was needed.

Thanks for all the support.

You are welcome.

It makes sense to upgrade to Vero V as support for 4K/4K+ is coming to a close.

Things should work at least as well on that device with regards to your remote but if there are any issues I am confident we can resolve them.