IR remote not working (only “back” works) - changed battery, no luck

Hi all,

I have a harmony remote however I also have an apple tv so I need to reserve the Bluetooth radio for that, as I learned the hard way I can’t have both.

I was redoing my setup which allowed me to Add the Vero back in and I was trying to do stuff however the remote won’t work properly. The only button on the remote that works is the back button. I’ve tried changing the remote settings in my OSMC countless times to every remote under the sun and again the only button that works is the back button.

I see a blue light, and have changed the battery, and even when I try to unpair the remote things don’t work properly. When I press home and ok, the blue light never flashes it just stays on. When I remove/add the usb dongle again the blue lights immediately blinks three times and goes away.

I don’t know what else to do here. I’m using my phone but the on screen remote is far from ideal.

I would also love to figure out what I need to do to set up OSMC to work via my harmony remote with IR, I’ve seen a few links to people wanting to do that but it’s limited at best and doesn’t provide an easy step by step on what to select through the harmony setup to make that work.

Thanks in advance.

We would need to see some logs to have a clue what is going on with that Vero remote. Having only a single button working sounds a bit like maybe you have the wrong dongle plugged in.

As for the harmony remote you can program it in myharmony to be one of the remotes listed in the My OSMC add-on and it should mostly work. I think myharmony has codes so you can just use ‘vero’ or ‘osmc’ but if I recall the default is for Bluetooth so using that it doesn’t go through IR (or work at all if you have an IR only harmony remote). There is probably a thread on this site that lists the other name but it is likely a couple years old now. Personally I would just program the harmony to control a “Microsoft” and “media center PC” and select the MCE option in My OSMC and that should work. You may also want to tweak the hard button layout in myharmony while your there as last time I did that I think quite a few of the buttons were not mapped by default.