IR Remote - Using Cheap USB PC Remote with OSMC

ID 1d57:ad02 Xenta SE340D PC Remote Control
(Tested on RPi 3)

For less than $4, free shipping from ebay, this remote set was detected and can be used as a keyboard and a mouse.

  • Use in Kodi without any settings. (no more CEC hassels)
  • Use as a keyboard to select an OS in NOOBS boot menu.

How to customize with keymaps:
Copy this code to /root/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml
Edit mapping as you like. (use either ‘key name’ or ‘key id’)
Restart (Power > Exit) once to load the file.
Then on finish editing, just press the green button to ‘ReloadKeymaps’ without restart.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- ### custom keymaps for 'ID 1d57:ad02 Xenta SE340D PC Remote Control' ### -->
<tab>		SystemInfo <-> Back | FullscreenInfo <-> Back
<open>		MovieTitles | MovieTitle <-> Fullscreen
<switchwindow>	Settings <-> Back | VideosSettings <-> Back
<blue>		NextSubtitle
<yellow>	AudioNextLanguage (next audio language)
<amber>		OSDAudioSettings
<green>		ReloadKeymaps (without restart)
      <!-- e-mail --><launch_mail><launch_mail>
      <!-- www --><homepage></homepage>
      <!-- close --><f4 mod="alt"></f4>
      <!-- yellow --><d mod="ctrl,alt"></d>
      <!-- blue --><c mod="ctrl,alt"></c>
      <!-- amber --><b mod="ctrl,alt"></b>
      <!-- green --><a mod="ctrl,alt">reloadkeymaps</a>
      <!-- tab --><tab>ActivateWindow(SystemInfo)</tab>
      <!-- start --><key id="2159104"></key>
      <!-- open --><o mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(Videos,MovieTitles)</o>
      <!-- esc --><escape></escape>
      <!-- switchwindow --><key id="323593">ActivateWindow(Settings)</key>
      <!-- yellow --><d mod="ctrl,alt">AudioNextLanguage</d>
      <!-- blue --><c mod="ctrl,alt">NextSubtitle</c>
      <!-- amber --><b mod="ctrl,alt"></b>
      <!-- green --><a mod="ctrl,alt">ActivateWindow(osdaudiosettings)</a>
      <!-- tab --><tab>ActivateWindow(fullscreeninfo)</tab>
      <!-- switchwindow --><key id="323593">ActivateWindow(VideosSettings)</key>
      <!-- tab --><tab>Back</tab>
      <!-- open --><o mod="ctrl">Fullscreen</o>
      <!-- tab --><tab>Back</tab>
      <!-- switchwindow --><key id="323593">Back</key>
      <!-- switchwindow --><key id="323593">Back</key>

If you want to a fully customizable remote, you need this:
JP1 Remote - The ultimate solution of a remote.
It’s like Raspberry Pi of ir remote world.

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FWIW, I find a small keyboard more useful.

I’ve tried 4 different remotes for my kodi.(including yours)…The ones with the IR sensor were the worst ones when it comes to distance/usability.
Lately i got this one here:
For 1.46€ (they had a discount offer). It has the best range ever (comes with a usb adapter, although it has IR sensor on top as well). You can use kodi even if the remote is under the blanket. And it has a gyroscope for mouse.
I didnt mean to hijack your thread about this, but i’ve gone through many remotes, and i just wanted to give you my opinion.

I prefer the OSMC remote :wink:

I always find that the keyboards try and do too much. The buttons are tiny (at least for me) and you get a lot of accidental presses.