Irregular Wifi connection losses

Since a few weeks (running the now old OSMC 18 version) and also today after (seemlessly) updating to the new OSMC version with Kodi 19.1 the Vero4K+ looses the Wifi connection from time to time. Kodi itself is still responding and i can restart the device via the UI option with the remote control. The network connection is lost/broken because no outgoing (TVHeadend) or incoming (SSH) connections are possible.

I have not yet found the time to check the details, but other Wifi devices are working fine…

We’d need to see some logs after the problem happens. To do that, you’ll need to attach a keyboard and follow the steps under the heading “Logging in locally” at Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Then run:

grab-logs -A -C

When the machine returns, SSH to it and run paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt and post the URL.

Sure. I have enabled permanent logging as described here to be able to grab logs from the last boot.

That’ll work, though the system journal from grab-logs will not be easy to read. I suggest that you run a separate journalctl for boot -1, as per this post

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