Is a recordplayer USB on OSMC possible and how?

Hallo Folks,

I’m new here. I use OSMC now for a few months on the Rpi. The sound is connected with a externe Soundblaster USB to my 5.1 Audioreciever. The screen is an LG HDMI TV.
There is also a externe SataHD and a externe Sata Blu-ray player connected (both USB)

My question is: Is it possible to connect my oldscool recordplayer with a ION USB U-recorder/player to OSMC to play records with the Rpi and OSMC?
On my computer with Kubuntu I’m using Audacity to play/record the good old vinyl. It uses USB Audio Codec.

Thanks in advance, Joep

You can try to connect it and then install the alsa-utils package via ssh.
Then use alsamixer to turn up the volume on the usb soundcard and start the record.
You won’t be able to integrate it into kodi though.

Edit: You might also need to add dtparam=audio=on to your /boot/config.txt

Thanks very much for your answer @mcobit
I couldn’t find very much info about this but now I found 14 topics on alsa-utils. I’ll read them and play with the alsa-utils. If it works I’ll report it here.


Just try the following:
Connect the usb recordplayer to the Pi.
Log into osmc via ssh.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

Look for the soundcard of the record player and turn up the volume.
Try to play a record and see if your tv plays back the audio.

If it doesn’t work, you might configure the routing to record from the record player and playbavk over the internal soundcard of the pi.

I just found out Alsa is already installed because the output from the sound is assigned to:

Alsa: SBLive! 24bit External S/Pdif

OSMC plays also every source of music to the Soundblaster and the Soundlaster is S/Pdif connected to the Sound-amplifier.

The problem is, if I connect the recordplayer (USB) to the Rpi and play a record, there’s no sound.

I’m going to look now what amixer is doing!

Edit: Aplay -l shows the device

card0: CODEC[USBAudioCodec]
card1: SBLive! 24bit External S/Pdif

But still no sound from the recordplayer…