Is Amazon Prime Available in OSMC?

Hi, all.

First post, here; first install of OSMC on my first Raspberry Pi (3).

I’ve got OSMC up and running, and have added Plex, which is working brilliantly. I’d now like to try to access my Amazon Prime content, which could potentially replace my Amazon Fire TV box. I’ve done some googling, with regard to Amazon on OSMC/ Kodi, etc, but the results were mixed, and are now looking old. Has anyone got Amazon Prime running on OSMC, and if so, could you say ho you went about it?

Many thanks,


Well searching on this forum (magnifying glass top right) might have been a better investment of time

Hi, Fzinken.

Thanks for your message, and pointing out the search facility. I’ll keep an eye on future development, and keep my fingers crossed.



In my experience, I think the performance of Pi3 with OSMC is pretty equivalent with a gen1 aftv box. I can’t see the benefits of replacing one with the other. If you are referring to a 2nd gen aftv, I think a pi 3 would actually be a step back performance wise.