Is anyone using an OLED TV with vero 4k?

Just bought myself an LG C7 and am finding it unusable with the vero 4k.

The issue may be unrelated to the vero 4k, i just want to explore all avenues!

The banding is horrific. I have a 4k HDR copy of “Interstellar” that is literally unwatchable. Massive banding on almost every scene, the sky looks like it flickering, etc.

The banding can be resolved with a temporary workaround.

It should be fixed very shortly as we have identified the problem. We now just need to fix this in a more permanent fashion

This is great news, can you point me in the direction of the workaround?

See from here HDR Banding issue - #183 by sam_nazarko onwards.


Colossal difference. Many thanks for the usual prompt response. I have 3 vero 4ks in my house and have recommended them to friends. Device started out excellent and is approaching perfect IMO.

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Brilliant. I hope to have this resolved via an automatic update shortly and will make that testing available soon