Is avrcp already implemented in OSMC or in development?

Hello OSMC, I was wondering if bluetooth avrcp (not just a2dp) is already implemented, or is it still in a development phase? I have a Raspberry Pi 2 I would like to make into a media server where the audio is streamed through the bluetooth connection to an Alpine CDE-HD149BT headunit, and where the headunit controls the server. I want to use a bluetooth connection because, as we all know, the audio quality of the onboard sound card on the RPI is HORRENDOUS, and I want to use the audio on my headunit as the output. For the display, I have a 5" touchscreen I bought from here

and was able to get touch and everything to work with it well. I would like to be able to use the physical controls on the headunit and have the best of button, as well as touch, controls.

If it is already implemented, how do I get it working?