Is HDR to SDR Conversion for non HDR Displays working correctly?

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im currently looking for a KODI device which does correct HDR to SDR (BT2020 --> BT709) tone mapping. I own a Sony projector which does not support HDR content but like to watch 4k content with HD audio anyway.

I really like KODI but havn’t found a device so far which can do this in a way that colors aren’t washed out and contrast is bad.

All information on the Vero4k+ that I’ve found so far are over a year old. What’s the status here at the moment?

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I run SDR Panny TV’s and I find the conversion with 4k mkv rips is good apart from the contrast. In Kodi I tend to increase the contrast to around 55% to get something closer to a native SDR source.

Oddly, as I’ve reported elsewhere, adjusting contrast on my mkv rips is also switching on the embedded subtitle track. Hopefully that will get fixed at some point.

Currently the tone mapping might give a dark image. We will introduce some more options with some curves in the near future


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Thats the problem with Home Theater at the moment. Rips are getting updated to 4k UHD with HDR but Projektors are very expensive, mostly still Full HD and often don’t support HDR at all.

Thanks for the update Sam, keep up the good work. As you can tell, i’m also waiting for this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

+1 to this. Anything is better then nothing at this point.

As far as I know and I follow this things pretty much daily all new movies are still released in 1080p SDR as well as 2106p HDR.

People are still watching DVD in 2019 so I don’t think you have to fear that 1080p SDR is going anywhere anytime soon

What i meant was that people tend to upgrade their libraries to 4K for 4K capable devices they also use (and don’t keep the 1080p version because of storage restrictions) but depend on a reliable tone mapping for playback on their 1080p projectors.

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I own an Nvidia Shield TV device and I’m using Kodi, the problem is that I own a plasma 1080p TV, and all 4K content looks with washed colors. Since most ripped content actually appears with this format, I’m searching for a device that do the tone mapping correctly, and lots of users recommend Vero 4k+. Please Sam keep us informed about this feature evolution.

Thanks and congrats for this nice players :slight_smile:

This will be ready with our new kernel in a few days.


Does this also mean HDR MaxCLL and MaxFALL passthrough, aaaand potentially HDR10+ support will be available for preview as well? :smiley:



yes, you are right, but those releases are often without HD-Audio like Dolby Atmos or DTS-X. This features are often UHD-BluRay exclusives :frowning:

So a “correct working” HDR to SDR conversion will be possible soon? Sounds great. Just bought my Zappiti player for that. But KODI / the Vero 4k+ would be way better.

Is there a timeframe on the new kernel?

Keep up the great work!

Yes - the new kernel will be available in a few days.


How will the release of new kernel release be communicated, news article or similar?

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Theres also a Blog post when a new version hits.

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Any news on this topic? Is the “new feature” already available? Was anyone able to test this?

Checked the blog but didn’t find any specific information regarding this…

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It works in the 4.9 kernel – of which test builds can be found on this forum


I just tried quite a few HDR mkv’s on my 4.9 test Vero to see if SDR conversion has improved, and my overall impression is that it has. I checked that every title was on 50% contrast/brightness in Kodi, and almost all of them looked excellent. On my 3.14 Vero almost every title needs a contrast boost. Still found a couple of titles that seemed rather flat on 4.9, but it looks like progress is being made.