Is it better to update as and when updates are released

Is it better to update as and when updates are released? Or is it ok to leave it as it is? (if I’m happy with how my Vero is performing)

Does it matter if I don’t update until 3D is available for example? It’s working great at the moment and I don’t want to risk anything changing.

I’d say that you should update regularly, but there is the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke’.

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Hi Connect,

I’ve moved you post to a new topic, as its a general question rather than a specific question related to the latest update.

I would recommend updating when a new update is released, as they should bring improvement and apart from the odd occasion normally do. Also some of the packages will bring security fixes as well.

If concerned about regressions, my suggestion would be to wait a few days and see if anything has been reported on the forums; if no issues reported then feel safe to update. If there are issues they will be fixed promptly, so update after the fix.

Thanks Tom.


I have Auto Update turned off. When an update is announced, I first back up onto a USB stick and then update the Vero4K. If there are problems with the update, I can just re-install from my backup.

Full 3D is taking it’s time getting implemented. I can only hope that it happens one day, as well as Blu-ray menu support. Overall, I am happy with the Vero4K.

Especially in the current climate, you might want to take security issues/patches into consideration.

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