Is it me or addons' maintenance is frustrating?

I have a Raspi 3B running OSMC + Kodi Leia. All I want is Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and Spotify for which I have an account in all of them.

Youtube is a PITA with the quota exceeded thing. I use the same account in my phone, my computers and the raspi, and I can watch pretty much anything anywhere, but in the Raspi I get that quota message rather often. I find myself deleting and re-creating the API keys rather often as well.

Netflix has always been rather hard to make it run due to Netflix’s own policy. I think I got the addon running twice but then it would refuse to load. Threw the towel with this one.

Blim Twitch failed to update. Either that or some other dependency.

Upon opening Spotify it says ‘An error has occurred’.

I get any combination of the above errors every other week, after spending quite some time reading logs and fixing stuff.

Is it just me? This is sooo frustrating and it has been my experience with OSMC+[Kodi|Librelec] ever since I got a raspi.

Thanks for reading, I would love to read what are your experiences.

Well, the short answer is blame the service-provider. Neither Youtube, Netflix and Spotify have an official Kodi addon, which means the addon developer must try to keep up with the changes that the service provider does, just to keep out users not using official apps.

What I’ve read is that Youtube got frustrated with people sidestepping ads, Netflix wants the user to have the “Netflix experience” which an unofficial addon can’t provide. I bet Spotify and Twitch has their reason to. In short a Kodi addon isn’t in their best interest, therefor they wont make an effort.

I do find the Youtube kodi app to be temperamental at times. Sometimes it just hangs when searching and goes into some kind loop. Forced to reboot osmc. And similarly, the BBC iplayer can hang now and again.

I understand this isn’t within the control of Kodi entirely and more to with the locked down nature of service providers.

I can put up with this. Though it’s frustrating for other family members, who just want the TV to work.

One of my reasons for using osmc/kodi is to avoid the rampant surveillance of connecting a Smart TV to the internet. While using apps is a compromise, that they don’t flawlessly work doesn’t help my ‘anti-surveillance cause’ in the family home!

I do understand, I gave up on it, when i have the Mrs using Chromecast and teaching the young kids, gave them their own Gmail/google accounts. Plus our schools depend on Google Drive/mail/docs etcetc. So my efforts was smashed to smithereens before I really started.