Is it possible to add a channel to favorite when AirPlay?

Hi Sam,
One of the feature I like most with the Vero is Airplay capability. I am not a programmer or an engineering therefor I don’t really know how the AirPlay work but from my Ipad apps I can AirPlay Live TV channels via Vero osmc and the Vero still keep playing even I turn off the apps. Because playing those Live TV channels with an apps I don’t know what is the url’s link for the channel I am watching. But Vero still playing even the apps is off therefore Vero must connected to the url. My question are:
1, Is it possible to add a channel to favorite when AirPlay? so that my child can play this channel again without using my Ipad while I am away from home.
2, Is there any way I can see the Airplay url’s link of the channel I am watching? so I can add this link to my m3u list so my child can watch it via LiveTV addon.


Chromecast is kind of like this – where the client sends the URL rather than the stream, however I assure you AirPlay is not.

When you close the apps they must still be streaming in the background. I bet if you force closed the App (it’s been a while since I used iOS but I think you double press the home button for a list of apps), you will see the stream stops.


Airplay does not possess this possibility at all? To have the receiver take over the stream and not need the initiating device?

I know you can do this with yatse, but that’s not using airplay I guess.

AirPlay might have this, but it’s definitely not used.

Yatse does not use AirPlay.


Hi Sam,
I just try again to make sure the apps is off by switch off the Ipad to make sure the apps is not streaming in the background and the AirPlay still playing. Therefore the Vero osmc must somehow connected to the channel’s url. If you could somehow make the osmc able to save it to favorite then it will be perfect.

If it’s connected by URL, check the Kodi log for yourself, it will be listed there.

Hi ActionA,
After following your link, I managed to “Enabling debug logging for Kodi” then I reboot system as request then I do the next step “Uploading logs from within my OSMC” then I get this message

Please advice me what to do now. Thank you very much.

try rebooting once more. The current kodi.old.log is probably too large.